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Welcome to Osta En' Mormegil!

Osta En’ Mormegil is the Elven title of our Kin. It means Defenders of the Black Sword. Mormegil was the name of Turin Turambar when he wielded the Black Sword, Gurthang, Iron of Death. Turin was a hero of the 1st age who is prophesized to return during the Dagor Dagorath – The Battle of Battles, The Last Battle, which leads to the Doom of the whole of Arda, the end of the world; and with Gurthang, Turin shall slay Melkor Morgoth Bauglir, The Black Tyrannt of the World, Vala of Evil and Darkness, who before the world's creation subdued to his will many Maiar, not the least of which was Sauron. And Sauron under Morgoths influence grew great and terrible and in this 3rd age of Middle Earth even greater than Melkor at the end of the 1st age. We await the return of Turin and the destruction of the Dark Lord, until then we fight against his servants through out Middle-Earth.


Who we are; we are a Kin of friends, some of us go back nearly 4 years when we played DDO together, others are new to our group who have quickly become trusted members. We enjoy every aspect of the game, from completing deeds and exploring the world, to crafting, to running in fellowships to complete instances, we play it all. If you are interested in joining please leave a post in the link here: Recruitment Thread

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